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X4 labs extender customer reviews 5 star rating (customer reviews)

Normally $174 - $474
Now only $99 - $399 (using discount code)
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The X4 Labs stretcher stands out from the crowd by offering customers a large range of options and packages to choose from. The $99 stretcher with free shipping and premium gold edition packages are very popular choices.

Included in that versatility of the X4, is their hybrid support system. This allows the user to choose from supporting their penis with the classic silicone tubes or the new comfort strap technology.

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Manswers recommend X4 Labs

Recently top mens TV program Manswers which is shown on Spike TV in American, in Canada and the UK answered the question: "What will add the most meat to a guys manhood?" Manswers did their research and spoke to a Doctor who recommends the X4 Labs penis stretcher as the quickest and only way to enlarge your penis.

What customers reported about X4 Labs stretcher

Add length to your penis
Thicker and longer penis
More stamina in bed
Increased confidence & self-belief

What our users like most about the X4 Labs stretcher is the ease of use and the large amount of options and packages available. Users report that the hybrid support system allows them to wear the stretcher for longer which results in a faster enlargement. The versatility is what makes it different.

3-in-1 Hybrid support system

The original penis stretchers used a silicone tube to hold the end of the penis is place. While this worked, many users complained about discomfort.

To overcome this, a soft comfort stap replaced the tube which allowed users to wear the device for longer periods of time, resulting in quicker gain.

However, some users still prefer the older method. So, X4 Labs adapted their stretcher to accommodate both fixation methods.

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Most users won't know which method they prefer until they try it for themselves. Providing them with both methods guarantees comfort.

Available options / packages

There are a large number of options available when purchasing your X4 Labs stretcher. Below i've highlighted some of the most important ones.

The most popular choices are the Deluxe stretcher, the Gold Premium stretcher and the Starter stretcher.

Pro's & Con's

Pro's Con's
  • Great value Starting at $99
  • More packages than any other stretcher
  • 'Mini option' available for guys who start under 2"
  • Free shipping to USA, Canada & the UK
  • $75 discount code
  • 6 month guarantee not on their cheaper options
  • Postage costs $39.95 if you live outside of the USA, Canada & the UK



X4 Labs Review Conclusion

The number of packages and extra options available gives the user exactly what they want. We are all different, some of us have different goals, the X4 Labs caters for everyman who is going into penis enlargement.

Visit the X4 Labs website

Customers particularly like the 'Deluxe stretcher' which is a great middle of the road option. Their 'Gold Premium Editon' has everything you will ever need to enlarge your penis.

The X4 Labs is one of the best stretchers on the market and with prices starting at $99 it can purchased even by people on a budget. So no matter how much you can afford, you will soon be able to walk down the street with your head held high.

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Use discount code DISC75 to get $75 off

Customer Reviews
It was good. Will continue using it!
Haawk, Fri Apr 26, 2013
I bought the starter edition because it was the cheapest. I try to wear it all the time but cant because im on the move. I have the single comfort strap and its pretty comfortable, just dont strap it to tight or your penis will start to get cold from no blood flow. One day I wore the x4las extender for 7 hours and when I went to take it off I had some swelling under the penis head and got scared, after a while the swelling started to go down,but, I would never wear it that long again. Now I have noticed that wearing the device it does look just a lil bigger in grith but it goes away when you take it off. Im going to continue to wear the device for this month of February but only wear it 3hrs
GMajor, Sun Feb 10, 2013
This is a good device and I can see myself getting bigger but you do have to wear this thing everyday. It may be ok if you spend a lot of time on the computer or watching TV but most days I don't get chance to wear it. At the moment i'm only wearing it a few days a week.
Brad, Thu Feb 07, 2013
This thing is solid, it feels like a real piece of medical equipment. I wear it for 3 hours a day when I'm at home and after 1 months I'm already starting to see results.

Sure it takes time but it's totally worth it.
Andy, Fri Aug 03, 2012
I've been into PE for a long time. I tried pills, a cheap pump and they didn't work. The only thing that worked was exercises but it took forever to see results.

X4 labs starting working in just a few weeks. I think by week 3 I could see a difference. You have to wear it for hours but its totally worth it.
Big dawg, Sun Feb 05, 2012
Great value, I got the deluxe one for $199, it came with loads of other bits.

Easy to use, fairly comfortable. I strap it on and watch TV. I can feel it working, when I take it off my penis lookers longer.
Josh, Tue Dec 06, 2011
it is good to enlaRGE PENIS
ANIL, Fri Nov 18, 2011
I bought the deluxe edition, I wanted the exercise program as well. This is a pretty good enlargement system. It's completely different to popping a few penis pills but this actually seems to be working.
Ice, Thu Nov 10, 2011
Great device, I've been using everyday for 3 weeks now and its working.

It's also the cheapest extender I could find.
Dan55, Thu Oct 20, 2011
This is a bargin. I had been looking for penis extenders for a few days and when I came across this I got it straight away.

It comes all boxed up and is easy to put together. I had my first session as soon as I got it and I felt like my penis had a work out.
John, Tue Sep 27, 2011
I bought the deluxe edition which gave me all the bits I needed plus the exercise program.

A typical day for me would be to wear the x4 extender for 2 hours and then later on before I go to bed do 15 minutes of exercising. When I haven't got the time for the extender I'll do two 15 min exercise sessions a day.

Once I got into my routine, its so easy to use. I'm already starting to feel more confident about myself, I can tell that its working.
Ben, Mon Jul 25, 2011
I just love this thing, I strap it on and it sits there doing the work for me. It's so easy and it's working well. Top product.
Adam, Tue Jun 14, 2011
The x4 labs extender is really awesome. I have been putting it on nearly everyday for about 2 months and stretched my penis by nearly an inch in erect length and even longer in soft length.

Buy this if you seriously want to get bigger and are prepared to put the effort in. Don't waste your money on pills.
Alex, Tue Apr 12, 2011
The penis stretcher thing is a good idea but the main draw back is amount of time that you have to wear it. I read on forums that some guys wear it for 5 - 6 hours a day. I don't have time for that, 1 - 2 hours a day tops. The results are coming but its slow.
Jack, Thu Mar 17, 2011
Awesome! I have looked at jes, sizegenetics and all the other devices, they're over priced and are exactly the same as X4 labs. I got my X4 labs extender for $125 including shipping and its working well.

Great website, love the reviews.
Josh Jackson, Mon Feb 21, 2011
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