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SizeGenetics customer reviews 5 star rating (customer reviews)

Normally $199 - $389
Now only $149 - $339 (using discount code)
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Searching for the best penis stretcher can be confusing, they all seem to look the same and the more expensive ones just seem to included added extras, right? Not exactly, the SizeGenetics system is a superior device that is manufactured in Europe and is the most effective device available.

Many of the cheaper devices are made in China from cheap materials and haven't been tested for safety or how effective they are.

*My personal results and review of the SizeGenetics system*

I've been looking forward to trying SizeGenetics for a long time, a lot the guys on the forums talk about it so when the company sent me one at a discount price I couldn't refuse. I've used other penis stretchers before so I know how to use them and I had something to compare it to.

Build quality

Straight away you notice the quality of the product, it comes in a very nice black cardboard box and a black leather and wood case which all the bits fit into perfectly. The steel bars have been finished nicely and the plastic parts are smooth and solid.

Depending on what package you order, you can also get a whole load of extras, the exercises and pills can help to speed up the enlargement process.


One of the major things to look out for when choosing a stretcher is what comfort options it has, you wear this thing for hours everyday so it has to be comfortable.

SizeGenetics comes with the comfort rubber strap and the thinner harder silicone tube options. I always use the rubber strap. SizeGenetics differs by also giving you a non-slip mat and a latex cover head. I found it to be most comfortable when using the strap and the latex cover.


All stretcher companies recommend that you wear the device for 8 hours per day, everyday. This is just not possible unless you're a student or you work from home. I managed to get in 3 - 4 hours per day most days, usually on an evening while watching TV or using the laptop.

I've used other enlargement methods in the past but for 6 months I soley used SizeGenetics. In that 6 months I gained almost half an inch in erect length. My penis is noticeably longer when flaccid but it's also thinner, this is normal with any penis lengthening process.

Overall I'm very happy with the results, its not inches but its a big difference. The main thing to remember about penis stretchers is how well made they are and how comfortable they are, SizeGenetics is the best available.

16 way comfort system quicker gains

Other devices will supply either the silicone noose or the comfort strap fastening. SizeGenetics provides you with both options. It also includes foam pads, a non-slip mat and a fabic latex cover head grip. You can try out the 16 different combinations to see which suits you best.

Wearing a penis stretcher is all about comfort, the more comfortable and easy to use the device is, the longer you will wear it, which will lead to quicker gains.

You may save money buying a cheap device but there's no point if you don't want to use the thing.

MDA Technology - Best penis stretcher

Carrying on with comfort, SizeGenetics have developed their unique Multi Direction Angling technology (MDA).

This gives you even more options for comfort. You can either point the device downwards and wear it under loose pants or if you want to lie down you can angle it upwards and rest it on your stomach.

Remember, comfort is key to a successful enlargement program. Many men give up because if they use an uncomfortable device. With SizeGenetics you'll be wearing it all day long without any problems.

Fast delivery available

Because SizeGenetics is so popular, they are the only company which have offices and distribution centers in the USA and Europe.

This means that if you live in the USA, Canada, UK or Europe you will receive your system as quick as possible and without any added import tax. Your device will come fast and discreetly packaged.

Why SizeGenetics is the best penis stretcher:

Clinically proven to increase size
95% positive customer feedback
Medically backed exercise program & DVD
PenisHealth online access
Budget version available for just $149
Full 6 month money back guarantee

Pro's & Con's

Pro's Con's
  • Unqiue 16 way comfort system
  • Manufactured in Europe
  • High quality device
  • Exercise program included
  • Full 6 month money back guarantee
  • Free shipping & fast delivery
  • 24 hour helpline
  • $50 discount code
  • Premium price for full package
  • Penis pills cost extra
  • Not designed for 'micro penises'



SizeGenetics has got everything you could want from a penis enlargement program. It comes from one of the biggest and best companies in penis enlargement and has office in the USA and Europe.

SizeGenetics Review Conclusion

We have rated the SizeGenetics System as our number 1 product because it has received the most positive customer feedback, has been clinically proven to work and comes with more extras than any other stretcher for that price.

Visit the SizeGenetics website

We can't fault this stretcher, from what customers have said and what we have seen it's the ultimate penis enlargement product on the market.

We're confident that by using SizeGenetics in a few short months you'll have the penis size you've always wanted and the confidence to connect and seduce beautiful women whenever you want.

Click here to visit the SizeGenetics website

Use discount code ECON8 to get $50 off

Customer Reviews
Comes in a really nice leather case with a key and lock which is useful. It's easy to use once you get the hang on it. I've been using it for about 2 months now and it seems to be going well.
Chuck, Wed May 16, 2012
Does not enlarge penis as much as it say it does
Dav, Thu Mar 08, 2012
After years of living with what I would call a below average penis I finally decided to do something about it. I wanted to be big and I wanted it quick.

After researching I found out that pills don't work well, pumps are not that great either and the only thing that is proven is a penis stretcher, sizegenetics looked like the best quality product.

After 2 months I can happily report some length growth, I've gained 1.5cm, it's amazing. My confidence is high but I know I've still got a long way to go.
Si, Sun Feb 19, 2012
Been using this for about 1 month now. The comfort pads and things you get with it are great, I use a foam pad and the non slip pad.

I've noticed more than anything that i'm feeling more confident now, I leave the house more and go out when I can.

I'm going to continue using this for as long as I need to. It's really cool.
Nathan, Tue Jan 03, 2012
I've been into PE for around 8 months, mostly jelqing and a bit of hanging, with that I gained about half an inch in 5 months.

I decided to step it up and buy sizegenetics, in 3 months I've gained just under 1 inch, I can't believe the fast progress I've made. I'm now 7.5 inches and I feel great. I just wish I would of bought this first, it would of saved me so much time.
John, Sat Dec 10, 2011
Overall I'm happy with this, it set me back over $300 but its worth it if it works. In about 2 months I've stretched my penis by about 2cm, I'm hoping to get bigger and bigger. I feel great right now writing this review.
George, Fri Nov 11, 2011
Delivery was really fast, I got mine 2 days afer ordering. This is my first time using an extender and doing any PE. It was easy to put together but getting it on the first time was tricky. Now i've done it a few times it takes seconds to get it on and in place. I usually wear it for about 2 - 3 hours on an evening. Sometimes i'll take it to work, put it on in the bathroom and just sit with it on under my desk. It's really easy to use.
Hal, Wed Nov 09, 2011
I first bought a cheap one from amazon for 50 bucks, the thing broke after a week and I couldn't use it anymore, I was also unable to get a refund. Thats when I bought sizegenetics and the difference is amazing, the comfort strap and sleeves are great, I can slip it on really quick and get it in the right position. This thing is way better, I totally recommend it.
Ed, Fri Sep 23, 2011
This is awesome, it's exactly what I was looking for, it's good quality and is working really well for me. In 7 weeks I've gain 1 inch in erect length and the same in flaccid length. My penis aches a bit after using it, I usually do 6 days on and 1 day off to rest.
Bobby, Sat Sep 10, 2011
I've been wearing this for an hour a day and haven't seen any change yet. I know it takes weeks but I was hoping for some difference by now. I'll give it another few weeks and write another review.
Tom, Thu Aug 04, 2011
The reason I've rated this 3 stars is just because of the cost, I paid $339 for this which I think is expensive. But it is really good quality, it all comes in nice packaging and you can tell its not been made cheaply.
Rich, Tue Aug 02, 2011
I was really skeptical about penis enhancement until I heard about sizegenetics, I decided to give it a go and in 8 weeks I stretched my penis by 2cm and I'm still using it every week. I love it.
Will, Mon Jun 13, 2011
This is really cool, I just strap it on and sit at the computer gaming or watching TV, I can wear it for 3 - 4 hours at a time. I'm so glad that I got it.
James, Thu Jun 09, 2011
sizegenetics is working well for me, the device is a bit difficult to get on a first but once its on, it just sits there comfortably. I really recommend it to guys like me who want to get bigger.
Kevin, Mon May 02, 2011
Sizegenetics is really cool. The penis enlargement device looks and feels great.

The device is expensive and its not as comfortable as they make out. But it works and its a small cost to pay for a bigger penis.

I've stretched my penis by over 2cm and I'm happy.
Spike, Thu Dec 02, 2010
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