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ProSolution pills customer reviews 4 star rating (customer reviews)

ProSolution Pills are an all natural penis enlargement pill that has been on the market for many years and has a proven track record.

Experts recommened them as a way to increase your sexual appetite, improve stamina in the bedroom and lengthen your penis with the exercises included.

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Just like Male Extra, the company behind ProSolution Pills don't make any false claims or unreal expectations. Penis enlargement pills have very little size increasing benefits unless they have used in conjunction with exercises or an extender device. Thats why with every package they sell you get access to their complete penis exercise program.

Within just a few weeks of taking the daily pill and following the exercises you will be experiencing benefits like:

Combining penis enlargement exercises with pills

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Like all good penis enlargement pills ProSolution Pills include an exercise program with every package. A weekly exercise routine or penis extender use is vital if you want to see noticeable gains. Included with your pills is access to For Men Only - an online exercise website that contains over 30 exercises demonstrated in professional videos and pictures ensuring your perform them correctly.

A bodybuilder can't sit at home all day eating steak and potateo, he must exercise his muscles in order to make them grow. The same is true with penis enlargement, pills provide the necessary nutrient and other benefits while the exercises work to increase the length of your penis.

How ProSolution Pills work

ProSolution Pills contain high quality natural ingredients which have a proven history in the male enhancement industry.

Taj, Zinc Drillzen and Momordica work on the physical side giving you much harder and longer lasting erections.

L-Dopa and Solidlin work to ensure motivation grows, your pleasure increases and you feel more confident

Lets look at the main ingredients in more detail:

These are just some of the ingredients included. ProSolution only contains natural ingredients and there have been no reported side-effects since the pill first hit the market 4 years ago. It's completely safe and effective.

What's included when you buy ProSolution Pills

For Men Only exercise program is included with every package, as well as access to their members area which contains the latest information about natural penis enlargement.

Included in their 12 month package is:

  • Free shipping
  • Free Box of Volume Pills
  • Access to MensForte
  • For Men Only exercise program
  • Free DVD
  • Access to Members Area
  • Full 6 month back guarantee
  • Great value - $32 per pack

ProSolution are more than just a packet of pills. It's a complete penis enlargement system that has been developed by experts to enlarge your penis the quickest and most effective way using pills.

When you buy a 12 month supply it only works out at $32 a month, cheaper than any other known pill on the market. It's an affordable solution for any man.

They offer a full 6 month back gurantee on all packages - longer than any other pill on the market. If you use their pills and perform the exercises for atleast 90 days and don't see any results they will refund you in full.

ProSolution Pills review conclusion

They use the principles which have worked for thousands of men, are very reasonably priced and are completely natural. When ProSolution Pills are combined with a regular exercise program you will see a noticeable size increase and improve your sexual performance.

Remember to keep up with the exercises and you'll soon be on your way to a happier and more fulfilling life in and out of the bedroom.

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Customer Reviews
These are not the best penis enlargement pills. I took them for about 2 months and saw some results but nothing amazing.
Danny, Thu Dec 02, 2010
Using penis pills for enlargement isn't as easy as you think, the pills are just a supplement, you have to actually do the exercises as well. It's a bit like building muscle in the gym.

So I noticed the effects straight away, I felt like a stud, I could get rock hard when I wanted and I could last for longer.

I am doing the exercises everyday but progress takes time, in 3 months of penis stretching I have grown just 1.5cm in length.
Mark, Thu Sep 23, 2010
I'm seeing awesome results with prosolution pills, i've also bought the gel to try out. Both are working great for me.
Jay, Sat Aug 07, 2010
These pills are really cool. All you do is take 2 a day and do some stretching exercises. Its so simple and after just a few days I noticed that my erections were much stiffer and I felt stronger.

So far i've only grown 1cm in length but its only been 1 month. Great pills
Dan, Mon Jul 26, 2010
These penis pills are really cool, the same day I felt much hornier and stronger. I was rock hard that evening and my girlfriend loved it.

Its only been 2 weeks so I can't comment on the enlargement yet
Rob, Sat Jul 10, 2010
I'm happy with the results, it took nearly 5 months to get the extra inch I wanted but now its well worth it.

My girlfriend was a bit funny about the penis enlargement thing at first but now shes as happy as I am, we're both enjoying the massive benefits.
Clive, Thu Jul 01, 2010
I don't know why these have got mostly bad reviews, i've been using them for about 3 months now and I feel fantastic. Its like i'm horny most of the time and my dick is a couple of CM bigger when erect
Jason, Tue Jun 29, 2010
I bought these after reading a positive customer review. Now I wish I hadn't of , they are expensive and after 3 months of using them, I think i've only grown like 1cm. I was expecting to be like 3cm+ by now.
Keith, Thu May 06, 2010
These penis pills are pretty good. They came with the access to the exercise website so I started exercises straight away. The only problem is that it seems to take months before I saw any results. 5 months on and i'm nearly an inch bigger. I'm happy but thought it would come quicker.
Derek, Tue Mar 30, 2010
Hi there, I ordered a 4 months supply of prosolution and i've been taking the pills everyday and exercising once a week. Its taken me 3 months to gain 1/4 of an inch. This is very slow progress, I think i'm going to try something else.
Joey, Tue Dec 29, 2009
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