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Below we've put together a review table so you can quickly see the benefits of each penis stretcher. The SizeGenetics system is the top rated customer product and comes with an exercise program as standard. The X4 Labs has a large amount of options and packages to choose from and the Euro Extender comes with penis enlargement pills.

The most important things to look out for when buying a penis stretcher is the comfort options and the build quality. We recommend buying an extender with as many comfort options as possible. Cheaper devices are usually made in China, they break fairly easily and they can be unsafe.

The best penis stretchers are made in Europe and are fully tested.

Top 3 Penis Stretchers
SizeGenetics Extender System X4 Labs Extender System Euro Extender Device
Criteria SizeGenetics X4 Labs stretcher Euro Extender
Overall User Rating
5 Star Rating

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Comfort Options
Unique 16 way comfort system Comfort strap & silicone tube Comfort strap & silicone tube
Company Reputation
Excellent Great Good
After Sales Support
Excellent Great Good
Manufactured in Europe Canada Canada
Materials Used
High Quality Good Quality Good Quality
6 Month money-back guarantee 180 Days on Premium & Gold Models 180 Day satisfaction guarantee
Return Percentage
Less than 0.5% Less than 1% Less than 1%
FREE worldwide
Fast delivery to USA & Europe
Free to USA, UK & Canada $39.95 to rest of world Free to USA, UK & Canada $39.95 to rest of world

$199 - $389
$149 - $339
(with discount code)

$174 - $474
$99 - $399
(with discount code)
$99 - $199
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The number one rated stretcher is: SizeGenetics

#1 SizeGenetics System (customer reviews)

The SizeGenetics penis stretcher system has been classified as a Type 1 Medical Device by the CE Health Certification in Europe. It has been develped by experts in Europe and is used by hundreds of Doctors all over the world as an alternative to penis enlargement surgery.

Included with SizeGenetics is a unique device, 16 way comfort system, DVD, Lovecentria DVD's, travel case, PenisHealth exercise DVD and a leather case.

How does SizeGenetics work?

The SizeGenetics penis stretcher is attached to the penis and applies a certain amount of traction. Over time the cells in the penis are forced to stretch and grow. This traction method has been used in plastic surgery for years. You can simply wear the device on an evening while watching TV or sitting at your PC.

Click here to read the clinical proof and medical endorsments

Why is SizeGenetics the best penis stretcher?

Included in your SizeGenetics package is a unique 16 way comfort system which offers superior comfort and support. Allowing you to wear the stretcher for longer periods of time - the more you wear it, the quicker you will see gains.

All orders come with a 6 month money back guarantee, if you're not happy with your gains after 6 months you're entitled to a full refund.

SizeGenetics Conclusion

SizeGenetics works, its a fantastic penis stretcher that guarantees you the quickest gains possible. It has been featured in GQ Magazine, on the Johnathon Ross chat show and is prescribed by Doctors. Its an incredible system that can deliver what you want - extra length, more confidence and better sex life.

Normally $199 - $389
Now $149 - $339 using discount code ECON8

Read the full SizeGenetics review | Order SizeGenetics now

Use discount code ECON8 to get $50 off


#2 X4 Labs (customer reviews)

The X4 Labs stretcher is unique in that it offers a hybrid support system - while some penis stretchers come with a silicone fastening and some with a comfort strap, the X4 Labs offers users the option of both.

Its this versatility that makes X4 Labs different. They offer a large range of options and choices. No matter what you're trying to achieve the X4 Labs penis stretcher has an option for you.

Amazing options available

Starter Edition - An affordable package for guys who are on a budget
Peyronies - This package is specially designed to straighten out a curve
Mini Support - An optional support piece for guys starting under 2 inches
Gold Premium Edition - This includes everything you could ever need

Also included as standard is a video tutorial on how to use the X4 Labs, instructional CD, bonus E book and their unique Hybrid support system.

X4 Labs Conclusion

The X4 Labs stretcher has been rated as one of our top devices for a number of reasons; our users love it, it's a high quality device with many different packages and options available and its half the price of some of the other top devices. $99 is all you need to get started on a professional penis enlargement program.

With X4 Labs you can be a bigger, stronger and more attractive man without breaking your bank account. Get yours today and get big.

Normally $174 - $474
Now $99
- $399 using discount code DISC75

Read the full X4 Labs review | Order X4 Labs now

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#3 Euro Extender (customer reviews)

The Euro Extender is very similar to the X4 Labs, they're actually made by the same great company.

They differ in the packages they offer, the Euro Extenders main package include penis enlargement pills and an exercise program.

You can use an stretcher, exercise program and pills at the same time.

Great penis pill option

Some guys like the ease of taking a pill, the Euro Extender caters for men who want the fastest possible gains by using an stretcher device but also like to supplement they're already good enlargement program with a pill.

With their main package you also get a complete penis exercise program. So you can combine an stretcher, pills and exercises.

Euro Extender Conclusion

We rate the Euro Extender equally as good as X4 Labs. The only difference is what extra's each one offers. This is a fantastic system that will suite many men who like to take more than one approach to penis enlargement.

Price: $99 - $199

Read the full Euro Extender review | Order the Euro Extender now


Ultimate Stretcher (customer reviews) - $149 Cheap penis stretcher

The Ultimate Stretcher has been made as a budget penis stretcher. The reason its cheaper is because it only comes with the device and instructions, there are no extras or bonuses. It's a great option for guys who are on a budget or are not quite sure about spending $300 on a penis stretcher.

Read Ultimate Stretcher review | Visit the Ultimate Stretcher website

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