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Below we've put together a review table of the most effective penis enlargement pills on the market. There are endless pills advertised online, the ones below come from reputable companies and have a proven track record.

It's important to remember that penis enlargement pills are most effective when combined with a penis extender or an exercise program.

Top 3 Penis Enlargement Pills
Male Extra ProSolution Pills Sinrex Enlargement Pills
Criteria Male Extra ProSolution Pills Sinrex
Overall User Rating
5 Star Rating
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Natural Ingredients
Yes Yes Yes
Includes Exercises Yes Yes Only with higher packages
Erection Enhancement
Significant Significant Much Improved
Libido Enhancement
Much Improved Improved Improved
Sexual Stamina
Much Improved Improved Improved
Ejaculation Control
Significant Very Good Better
Company Reputation
Excellent Great Good
After Sales Support
Excellent Great Good
Highest Quality High Quality High Quality
90 day money back guarantee 6 Month money-back guarantee 90 Days
Return Percentage
Less than 0.5% Less than 1% Less than 1%
FREE Worldwide FREE Worldwide Free
Price: 6 Months $48 per bottle $44 per bottle $50 per bottle
Price: 12 Months $34 per bottle $32 per bottle $35 per bottle
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Our number one rated penis enlargement pills is: Male Extra

#1 Male Extra (customer reviews)

Will Male Extra penis enlargement pills add extra inches? Is it worth your time and money? Our review will help clear up a few things for you.

We have been in the penis enlargement field for over 7 years and are always careful when a new 'magic pill' comes on the market promising the world. The true is that most pills don't enlarge your penis on there own. Stay away from companies that promise you inches within weeks by simply taking a penis enlargement pill everyday.

A different approach from Male Extra

Unlike most of the other pills on the market, Male Extra includes lifetime access to an online penis exercise program. They state that the exercises must be performed along with taking the penis enlargement pills to see any benefits. Finally a company that are completely honest about pills. You perform the exercises and the special nutrients from the pills allows your penis to grow faster, much like bodybuilding.

The 30+ exercises which are demonstrated in high quality videos are easy to perform. These exercises will stretch your penis and allow more blood in. The more blood your penis can hold the larger it will become.

High quality ingredients are important. Male Extra penis enlargement pills were developed in the UK by professionals. They contain a mixture of ingredients that have been proven to encourge new tissue growth and improve male health.

How long does it take to see results? Some of our users have reported gains after just 1 month, but most start to see results after 3 - 5 months. If you're unsure about the program then start with a 3 months supply, you can always buy more pills later on.


Male Extra pills are a completely honest and open company that don't make any unrealistic claims. Penis enlargement pills won't have much effect on their own but when you combine them with a powerful exercise program you're sure to see amazing gains, a larger thicker penis and massive amounts of confidence.

If you are serious about improving your life and confidence then Male Extra is for you.

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#2 ProSolution Pills (customer reviews)

ProSolution Pills use the same approach as Male Extra - by combining a penis enlargement pill with an effective exercise program.

Included in your purchase is access to their For Men Only exercise program. This includes over 30 exercises which you must perform regularly to see results.

On the market for over 8 years they've got some great testimonials on their website and have a good reputation.

Unfortunately over the last 8 years their system or ingredients hasn't changed much. Their exercise program hasn't been updated either. This is the main reason why customers have rated Male Extra as a better system. They're constantly updating their exercise program and improving their pills.

ProSolution Pills Conclusion

ProSolution Pills are a solid product. They have worked for hundreds of thousands of men for over 8 years. However, the newer and more advanced system Male Extra have out done them. On the plus side they're one of the cheaper penis enlargement pills and also offer the longest money back guarantee.

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Sinrex #3 (customer reviews)

Sinrex make a lot of claims on their website, 2 - 3 inch length increase, better sexual performance and increased sperm volume. But can we believe all of this? Read our review to find out the truth about Sinrex.

Their unique 2-in-1 dual acting system is their unique selling point. When the herbal ingredients mix in the stomach a reaction is caused which makes you absorb the ingredients much better.

L-Arginine and Tribulus are the two main ingredients that work to increase blood flow to the penis. L-Arginine is in most penis enlargement pills and has been proven to help the penis enlargement process.

Sinrex Conclusion

Their website isn't very clear. We have received mixed reviews about Sinrex, some guys love it and some guys haven't had any luck. Its also one of the more expensive penis enlargement pills. But their 90 day money back guarantee means if you don't see any improvements in 3 months you can ask for a refund.

Read the full Sinrex review | Order Sinrex now

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