PenisHealth Review - Stretching exercise program

PenisHealth is a natural exercise program that promises to enlarge your penis by just putting in 8 minutes of exercise a day.

It's the only establised exercise program and is the only one to be proven by Doctors to enlarge your penis.

Exercises are a great for beginners or people who don't like the invasion of pills or have time for a penis extender.

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The PenisHealth program is the only exercise program to undergo a full clinical study by two independant organizations. No other enlargement program is worth testing or is confident enough to put their program forward.

Benefits of PenisHealth

Launched in 2002, they have a proven track record and a very professional website that contains all the exercise demonstrations in high quality videos and pictures. By spending as little as 8 minutes a day you can increase the size of your penis is just a few short weeks.

How PenisHealth works

Many of us lift weights and exercise to increase the size of our muscles, become fitter, stronger and most importantly to feel better. You can do the same with your penis.

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Your penis is made up of veins, arteries, tissue and two main chambers called the Corpora cavernosa.

When you get an erection these chambers fill with blood, the amount of blood which they can hold determines the size of your erection. Your penis length and wide is limited by the size of your Corpora cavernosa.

The expert PenisHealth team and specifically designed exercises that will increase the size of the Corpora cavernosa and the whole penis. The exercises will stretch your penis and force new cells to grow.

Members area preview

The PenisHealth company were kind enough to give me members access so that I could do a real review on the exercise program. I've taken some screenshots of the members area for you too see.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

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The site looks and feels very professional, it's clear that there is a team of experts behind the program and the website. It's very easy to navigate around and the instructions are straight forward.


The exercises have been broken down into 3 main sections - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each exercise is clearly explained in text, picture and video format. There are also videos that explain how to warm up, for length, girth and sexual health. In total there are over 100 videos and over 200 pictures. With more being added as the program grows.

What's included with PenisHealth

  • Instant online access - start exercising in minutes
  • Lifetime membership - no recurring payments
  • Professional videos with voiceover instructions
  • The full program on DVD - Optional extra
  • 6 month guarantee
  • 24/7 expert support via phone and email
  • Access to members forum which provides support and guidance

PenisHealth is a complete penis enlargement program that has been designed to help you reach your goals. They're there every step of the way to your new happier and more confidence life.

PenisHealth review conclusion

Visit PenisHealth website For just $49 you will have lifetime access to the best penis exercise program available. Exercises are great for people who prefer not to use pills or don't have time for an extender, all you need is your exercise program, some lotion and 10 minutes a day to increase your penis size.

We like the PenisHealth program and so do customers. It's the more natural and sure way to get the results you want.

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Customer Reviews
I want use it.and I want saw did it work...
Fahad Shuvo, Thu May 03, 2012
I finally found what I was looking for. This is an awesome exercise program that works naturally. Forget pills and devices, these exercises work!
Al, Thu Oct 20, 2011
Great program, the videos are easy to follow. The only problem is that after 15 minutes of exercising my arms get tired and I have to take a break.

The results take ages to show, I have been doing penis enlargement exercises for 3 months and I've only gained about 2cm.
Brian from the UK, Fri Oct 01, 2010
A very easy to use website with loads of exercise videos. I just started on the beginners ones and I can already see a difference. My dick looks bigger when erect and feels more powerful.
Timmy , Thu Sep 16, 2010
This is exactly what I was looking for. I had tried stretching my penis before but with no success. Now I know how to perform the exercises, its easy.

I think soon i'm going to try some pills out to really boost my gains. Penis health is a great product for beginners.
Brett, Sun Aug 08, 2010
I've searched endless forums and tried out the exercises on them but I didn't know if I was doing them right and they didn't seem to be working.

On one forum a guy recommend penishealth, straight away I signed up and was watching the videos. Clear, easy to understand and simple.

Amazingly after about 8 weeks of doing the exercises everyday i'm now 3cm longer in length and my cock feels much thicker.
John, Wed Jun 30, 2010
Definitely worth the money. You get unlimited access to the site. The other ones I was looking at were charging monthly access.

The exercises are really easy to perform and I can do 3 a night within 15 mins. My penis already feels longer and I get much harder now. Its great.
John, Mon Jun 28, 2010
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