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Unfortunately the only penis exercise program we were able to gain access to was PenisHealth. All of the other programs were reluctant to give us access. Without seeing other programs we weren't able to review the websites fairly.

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PenisHealth #1 - A professional stretching program

This is a fantastic exercise program with outstanding customer feedback. The exercises are all explained in quality videos with voiceover instructions. There are over 100+ videos and 200+ pictures with exercises to suit all levels.

There is also a professional DVD available for an extra cost if you don't have access to the computer all the time. Ideal for people who travel around. With just 8 minutes of exercising a day you will soon be enjoying a larger and thicker penis.

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Other exercise programs

Most of the exercise programs we looked at only consisted of an ebook which you can download. PenisHealth is the only program with professional videos, pictures and vasts amounts of information on natural penis enlargement.

Paying $35+ for an ebook that someone has wrote in their bedroom is crazy when you can get access to PenisHealth for $49.

We will continue looking for other exercise programs to review. If you find suitable one for us to look at please use our contact form to tell us.

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