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Male Extra customer reviews 5 star rating (customer reviews)

Male Extra is relatively new pill to the market that has surpassed all other pills by being more effective, a higher dose per pill and including unique ingredients.

The unique 100% organic formula enhances your body’s natural blood flow, libido, energy levels and sexual appetite

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Included with all Male Extra penis pill packages is the PenisHealth exercise program. By combining the use of pills and a daily 8 minute exercise routine users can expect to see:

Combining penis enlargement exercises with pills

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Included with your pills is lifetime access to their PenisHealth exercise program (worth $69). 34 exercises are demonstrated in professional videos. The exercises only take a few minutes a day to perform and will significantly increase your gains. Exercises are a popular proven natural enlargement method.

PenisHealth is a well known exercise program that has been around for many years and helped thousands of men increase the size of their penis. Avoid learning home-made exercises from message boards or amateur websites.

In the media

In a recent article in a UK newspaper they reported on how pomegranate extract (a main ingredient in Male Extra) works as natures viagra. When taken regularly it can increase your sex drive by upto 200%

Why Male Extra is our number 1 rated pill:

Clinically proven enlargement system

95% positive customer feedback
Medically backed exercise program included
Bigger dosage then any other pill
180 day risk free guarantee

Male Extra review conclusion

We like Male Extra, it's more than just another penis pill, it's a complete enlargement system based around a pill that contains all the right ingredients to help increase your size.

Pills work best when they are combined with exercises or a penis extender. Male Extra comes as standard with professional videos to maximize your gains. With just a few minutes a day you will soon be enjoying your new larger penis size and your increased confidence.

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Customer Reviews
These pills are great
Alex, Sat Apr 20, 2013
I bought these and didn't tell the wife. 6 weeks later she noticed that my cock looked bigger and I lasted longer in bed. I still haven't told her why. Geat pills.
Albert, Tue Dec 06, 2011
I wasn't so sure about these pills before buying them but now I'm hooked. I feel so much better and my penis actually feels bigger
Rampster, Wed Nov 02, 2011
I use these along side my exercises everyday and they seem to be working well. The pills have a kind of herbal vitamin smell but apart from that they're easy to take.

Aside from the growth, I've noticed that when I get hard I'm a lot harder and hornier. I feel stronger in bed.
Alan, Tue Jun 14, 2011
I have been using the male extra pills after reading the reviews on here. I am also doing the exercise program thats on this website.

I haven't noticed any increase in length yet but I feel like a teenager again, I get erections when I'm just sitting at my desk or watching TV. I feel hornier and stronger.
Adam, Sat Mar 12, 2011
Incredible, I have managed to stretch my penis by half an inch - not much but it feels like A LOT to me.

I'm generally more horny and can last for longer in bed. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for that something extra.
Kevin, Sat Jan 08, 2011
They're alright. I took the pills everyday for 2 months and noticed that my dick looked bigger when erect and I felt more horny. I haven't seen much growth even though I exercised once a week.
Ian Lee, Tue Dec 14, 2010
About 2 years ago I tried some penis pills that did nothing at all. Then a few months ago I found out that pills only work when you exercise.

I gave male extra a go because it comes with the exercise program. Results don't come as quick as you think but I am definitely getting longer and thicker. Top product, love it.
Nigel, Sun Nov 28, 2010
These male extra pills really do work. I have been using them everyday with exercising and I have managed to grow my penis by nearly 1 inch.

Great pills, I'm going to order some more.
Jordan, Wed Nov 10, 2010
I have tried viagra in the past and these male extra pills are way better. I don't get a headache like I did with viagra but I can perform the same and last for much longer in bed.

The exercise videos included are pretty cool. Been doing them when I can. I can't wait to make it bigger!
Gaz, Sat Oct 16, 2010
Oh yeah, these are exactly what I wanted to add to my exercise program and give me an extra kick in the bedroom. The girlfriend has noticed them and I feel great.
Jim Bob, Mon Oct 11, 2010
Great penis pill, last night I lasted for nearly 2 hours and I feel awesome!
Ben, Tue Oct 05, 2010
They're a bit like viagra but instead of it lasting a few hours I can get horny and hard whenever I want.

I've done some of the exercises and i've now learnt how to control when I cum. Not seeing any length gains yet but my penis is definitely thicker.
Adam White, Fri Oct 01, 2010
I never thought it was possible to enlarge your penis until I read about guys doing it on forums. The male extra pills looked the best so I decided to buy 2 packets.

It has made such a change to my sex life, even just hanging around at uni I get more attention from girls.

The exercises take a bit of time but once I learnt how to do them I can do a whole workout in 15 minutes.

Great enlargement pill, I love it.
Josh, Thu Sep 30, 2010
These little pills are awesome. I can now go for over an hour without cumming, my new partner loves it. If only they were around 10 years ago.
Jeff, Thu Sep 16, 2010
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