How Penis Enlargement methods work

There are three types of natural penis enlargement methods that we recommend. They are Penis Stretchers, Penis Exercises and Penis Pills. All of these methods have been proven to increase the size of your penis and they are completely safe and easy to do at home.

How Penis Stretchers Work

Penis Stretcher devices use the principle of traction to lengthen and thicken the penis. Used for skin grafts, plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery in Hospitals all over the world, traction is now being used as an effective penis enlargement solution. By applying traction to the skin and tissue in your penis new cells are forced to grow which increases your the length and girth.

Western medicine did not discover traction. For thousands of years certain tribes in remote parts of the world have been using traction to stretch different body parts. Like the amazing neck lengthening practices of tribes people in Burma and lip and earlobe stretching practices in some Africa tribes

In many tribes a man who has a large penis is seen as the dominant male which has led to tribal men stretching their penises by using weights and other methods. Weight hanging is now know to be unsafe, a penis stretcher is more controlled and more effective.

Since the penis stretcher was invented 15 years ago, millions of men have used the device to permanently enlarge their size and increase their confidence. After reading all the reviews and testing a penis stretcher ourselves we know that the penis stretcher is the best way to enlarge your size.

How Penis Pills work

The main part of your penis is made up of two erectile tissue chambers called the corpora cavernosa. When sexually aroused blood is pumped in to the penis which fills up these chambers creating an erection. The size of your erection depends on how many tissue cells there are in your penis and how much blood is pumped into the erectile tissue chambers. Increased blood flow means the tissues expand further which results in a larger erection.

A good penis pill will work in three ways to increase the size of your penis and your sexual performance

  1. Allow more blood to flow into the penis
  2. Increase the speed in which the blood travels to the penis
  3. Sustain the blood flow to keep a constant throbbing erection

When penis enlargement pills are used over a number of weeks and months the constant and increased blood flow stretches the tissue that makes up the erectile chambers. This means the penis can hold more blood which creates a larger and thicker erection. The enlargement pills must be taken for a number of months at the correct dosage to notice the effects.

How Penis Exercises work

Despite what you may have heard from your friends, your penis isn't a muscle and can't be exercised the same way you exercise your muscles in the gym. Your penis is made out of cellular tissue which when put under strain by penis stretching exercises can expand allowing more blood to flow into the penis.

Penis stretching exercises, also known as Jelqing have been designed to stretch the whole of penis resulting in it becoming longer and thicker. The experts have created around 30 different exercises any man can use. They recommend spending 20 - 30 minutes a day exercising your penis to see results within a few weeks or months.

Make sure that you are performing the exercises correctly, be careful about learning exercises from message boards or unprofessional websites. If you're not totally sure what you're doing you could injury yourself and delay your progress. There are some penis stretching exercise websites which have been created by professionals and have full instructional videos.

Which is the most effective method?

All of the above methods will work very well to enlarge your penis. However, penis stretchers have become very popular over the past 10 years and we have received amazing feedback about them, they're easy to use and will provide very quick results if you have the time to wear one everyday.

Combining penis enlargement pills with penis stretching exercises also seem to prove very effective for a lot of men. Everyone is different, some men prefer exercises, some prefer stretchers and some prefer pills. Find the enlargement solution that suites you best and one that you think you can stick to.

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