Penis birth defects

The word Congenital is a body disease or body problem that appears during birth of the child. This congenital problems and diseases are just referred to be the body defects that a child can have, and an inborn defects. This diseases or problem can be hereditary, during the pregnancy stage or maybe there are unknown reasons.  This kind of body problems can be in a minimal stage up to the severe stage that can cause death.  It is commonly known as the alternative human body problem such as aging, habits, lifestyles issues and injuries because these are inborn sickness.

Same on the other body parts that can have this kind of defects and problems, the reproductive area or the sexual organs of the human body can’t escape on this kind of problem. For the male reproductive area r the sexual organs like the penis and scrotum is the most common part that can have some defects and this can be very severe and not good on the side of the male person. Below are some of the congenital defects of the male reproductive area.

The Torsion of the Penis

Torsion of the penis is the common condition of the penis in which it rotates on its longitudinal axis. Aside for it is a birth defect it is also a complication that a person can have when they have undergo in some surgery.  The torsion problems are commonly unnoticed due to the reason that it cannot affect any sexual activities.  But still there are many men who prefer to correct the torsion of the penis as they feel that this is a burden for them.


This congenital problem is found in the front curvature of the penis, which has a connection on the penis erection and causes fibrous tissue together with the common course of the corpus spongiosum. This congenital problem is associated with hypospadias.


This is the most common reproductive birth defects, but this kind of congenital problem can occur on the later of as the child grow. Phimosis is a defect that the foreskin is so tight or the foreskin goes tighter and can bring the head of the penis. This is commonly seen in the children or young adults. Some phimosis can cause irritation or pain during urination, urinary tract infections and infection on the penis skins. Men with severe phimosis, the fore skin of the penis his swollen. The treatment that is only applicable on this area is steroid creams applied twice a day for a couple of weeks. The cream can actually heal the phimosis by 85%


It is not common congenital problem that can be found in the urethra area of the sexual organs. Urethra is a small tube inside the penis that serves as the path of the urine. N short this is the passage of urine when the person is urinating.

In this defect, the urethra is not fully developed in to a final tube and urine can pass through the tube properly, the most severe thing on this condition is that the urine is exits in its abnormal location. There is unknown reason or causes of this kind of defects.  Some doctors relate this into the improper development of the pubic bones.


This congenital defects on the other hand is the most common defects, this have occur on about 300 births. This defect is often seen during the birth of the child, this kind of abnormalities is just mild at first and diagnose as severe later. The cause of these defects is still unknown. Some doctors explain that it can be hereditary, if you have some relatives that have this kind defects there is no doubt that your baby boy can have this too. This hypospadias can undergo into surgery, as early as 6-18 months old the child can have this, it is much better to have as early as possible. The child need not to be circumcises before they will undergo on surgery the foreskin of the penis is needed.
The hypospadias has it’s for basic characteristics:

The buried penis or the hidden penis

The term buried or hidden are applied on this defects which is the penis is totally buried. Penis is just hidden on the fats of the suprapubic region, scrotum and the perineum area.

This kind of defect can be cause of circumcision complications after the child has circumcise, the penis are covered with the scar or the fat tissues that’s why it is hidden. The condition can be heal and can corrects it by itself, but for the adults who have experience this kind of condition they are usually undergo into surgery.


This may refer to the term small penis with a stretched penile length less than the usual size of the reproductive development. It can be slightly differentiate from the buried penis too. Children above 1 year old with this kind of condition of less than 1.9 cm is at risk of some diseases and proper check up on the condition is much needed.  This is usually due to the small and not normal secretion of hormones of the pituitary glands. The growth hormone of the testes of the reproductive section, for the underlying cause of the micro penis, the person may have a short course of testosterone. Studies have proof that with the help of testosterone the micropenis was treated and increase its length.

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