How to last longer in bed for men

We've all had that frustrating problem. You're making love to a gorgeous girl and then all of a sudden you can't control yourself and you ejaculate too early.

This can be very frustrating for you and even more so for the woman you're with. Women take longer to get warmed up and much longer to orgasm than the average guy lasts. She's never going to be satisfied if you orgasm before her.

Here we have a few tips of how to last longer in bed. for men.

Fleshlight stamina training unit - To last longer in bed

Practise is the ony way to truely become good and last longer longer in bed for men. Just like with everything else in life - practise makes perfect.

Practising on girls isn't always an option for us and it can even make things worse as our nerves can have an effect on our performance.

Fleshlight stamina training unit

Luckily a product has been created. The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is a male sex toy that has been designed to help men last longer in bed.

This advanced male sex toy is made out of soft silicone that is even softer than skin. It feels exactly like a real pussy and looks like one.

By practising with the Fleshlight stamina training unit you will get used to the feeling of a real pussy and be able to control yourself.

Included with every purchase is an e-book that contains loads of tips, techniques and tricks for improving your performance in bed. Learn how to last longer, learn secret sex tips and become a stallion in the bedroom.

For $69.95 it's an absolute bargin. You get the best male sex toy available and you will learn how to last longer in bed.

Improve your performance in bed and last longer

Buy the Fleshlight stamina training unit

Wear a thicker condom - How to last longer in bed for men

Wearing a condom helps you to last longer in bed by numbing the sensation. The less you feel the longer you will last in bed.

Experiment with different condoms, try the normal ones, the strong ones and then the extra strong ones.

The start and stop method - How to last longer in bed for men

This is a very simple method which i'm sure you have done before without even realising what you were doing. It can really help men to last longer in bed.

Simply stop or slow down when you feel that you're close to having an orgasm. Changing position also helps and buys you time.

Once that feeling goes away you can continue at a faster speed. You can repeat this as many times as you want.

Make her orgasm before you have sex - How to last longer in bed for men

This will not help you to last longer in bed but it will satisify your partner and make things a lot less frustrating.

Get her in the mood with some kissing and a long session of foreplay. Use your fingers, tongue or a sex toy to give her an orgasm before you have sex.

Do that and she won't care if you only last a few minutes. She has already been satisfied.

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