History and geography of penis stretching

History & background

Stretching or by traction, or by using an extender is not a new thing when it come to penis stretching. The only thing which is new is the innovation and developments of the new extenders that you can find in the markets nowadays. In fact the process of stretching or traction are not new this is and are very successful in old days, for about thousand years ago. Many old people or tribes have use this kind of approach, not just of the male organ but also for the other parts of the body like the neck, arms and legs too. And there are many tribes and other cultural societies from other countries that have achieve this penis form for centuries ago.

One anthropologist Margaret Mead had reported that Polynesian males stretch their penis by using a wave sleeve of a fiver like the Chinese finger trap. The penis is inserted on the sleeve and a rock is place over the next end and it serves as the weight to stretch the penis. An Archeological survey has revealed that way back from 440 BC they found drawings on the cave. And most of the drawings show king and other male that have large penises.


Like on the other culture, penis is a symbol of masculinity and viritily it is also the same in the Arabs. Acient Arab friction once the male has big organ, they are symbols of sexual dominance because of the size that they show. The most common and well known penis techniques is the Jelqing and this is originated form the Arab culture. Dr. brian richards have some detailed that jelging is very effective during the late 70’s and this was also publishe d in the British Journal of Sexual Medicine and showed extremely positive results for 87% of the test group. But this issue is not significant and also took time. Many experts are combining the jelqing and the extender ways to make the penis enlargement more successful.


The way of using traction for penis enlargement is not new to Africa and other tribe members that have made the process and apply this into their lips and ears.  These practices of the said culture are still going on. The tribe in the Africa, women are the most common person who have this traction rather than men. They engage this to their ears and lips. The practice and tradition are applicable once the girl age by 6 and stop the practice when they are in the age of 20 yrs old.

The same to the women of Mursi tribe found in the OMO valley of south Ethiopia, this women wear lips this, this serves as the traction to area to be stretch. This disk also provides the information about the status of the women. If the lip disk is large enough then this will show a sexual maturity and status of the women. This disk also a symbol of feminine beauty, and as the time passes by the women of they said tribes can pull their lips up to their heads too.

South America

Same to the Africa tribe, the Suya tribesman of Amazon have used extender too. This is a traditional act that symbolizes the spiritual and cultural reason in the tribe. The men of the tribe use pierce in the lips and the ears. They start to use this pierce when they are young and as they grow old the ears and lips are stretch over 300% from its natural size.


On the other hand from the room and Greece they also have this kind of traction exercise, they prepare them having them heavy burden. And they help the boys increase the size of their penis as well as the girth of it.


In the ancient Egypt dynasty days have their details in the manuscript the crude experimentation on the slaves and the penis are put and written over it. Most of the king practices the weigh hanging on the penis by using the slaves. But there are scientist reported that this king of stretching is not safe. Even if it increase the length of the penis but still it will decrease the girth that it has. This kind of method will just effect the blood circulation of the penis and can cause necrosis and death.

India (South East Asia)

The Indian culture tribe, Sadkhus tribe has achieved penis stretching successfully by hanging stone and using grasses. Heavy stone can pull the penis tissue with the equal force. Like the African ladies in their tribe that they can increase their neck 50% while applying small amount of force over it.
The above motioned are the some proof of success when it comes to penis stretching. And shows different techniques that they apply, as for the different extender they have nowadays, the concept of a persistent traction device like with an extender may not go back that far and natural stretching and jelqing may do so.

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