Average penis size

Most guys don't know what the average penis size is, yet they still want to make theirs bigger. What is average? and what is the ideal penis size for men?

Average penis size

The above chart tells us that the average penis size is 6.5 inches in length. Around 55% of men are between 6" - 7" in length. If you fall into this bracket you have an average size penis.

Size matters

Being average is good, women aren't going to complain and people won't make fun. But, what is the ideal penis size for a man?

Studies have shown that the average man would like to be 7 - 8 inches in length.

A bigger penis definitely has it's benefits. Men with above average size penises are more confident, are more successful with women and find satisifying women much easier.

If you're happy with being average than thats great. If you want to get a bit bigger then try our penis exercise videos or a penis stretcher and penis enlargement pills.

Average girth size


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